Absorbent Pads

What is the difference? Why do I need a particular one? Can't I jut use one of them for all my needs?
These are the questions you need to ask yourself so that you select the right one for the job at hand!

HazMat -
The HazMat pads are used for aggressive chemicals, or for the "unknown" ones. These pads absorb all liquids even water to make sure those harsh chemicals are getting removed. For a more descriptive information see the info sheet here: OMIESP HazMat Identifier Pads.pdf

Oil Only - The Oil Only pads absorb hydrocarbons only, which means they repel water making these great for water based cleanup. Our pads are also great for land based cleanup as well. All info can be found here: OMIESP Oil Only Identifier Pads.pdf

Universal - Our Universal pads are designed for the everyday use. These pads absorb all water based fluids, oils, diesel, gas, coolants, hydraulic and cutting fluids, and many more which can be found here: OMIESP Universal Identifier Pads.pdf